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Legend of Dragoon Rating Community
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Welcome to the Legend of Dragoon rating community!

Here you can be rated as anyone from Legend of Dragoon... within reason of course. Please don't rate someone as Wingly #4.

1. It's the same rule that exists at every other rating community, play nice.
2. No cosplay pictures, character specific avatars (I've seen people put "I am [character] IN their avatar), or anything else that points to someone in the series. Do not aim for a character, either.
3. Do not bring your friends into this. By that I mean I do not want to read the term "Well since I know you personally." Rating communities are based around an unbiased attention to the survey.
4. Feel free to promote.
5. Put something about wings in your title to prove you've read this. Go nuts with it.
6. I'm not saying OMG RATE EVERYONE but please don't disappear once you've been voted on.
7. Place all surveys behind an LJ cut.
8. Please bold votes. It's not that hard and it helps me stamp.
9. Make sure any and all pictures are decent. No more than 4.

Astrological sign:
Would you say this sign fits you (why/why not)?

Time of day:
Type of clothing:
School subject:

\Usual stuff/

Do you work better in a group or on your own?
What would you say is a basic motto for your life?
What quality do you feel is the most important in those you surround yourself with?
How do you act in social situations?


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