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I'll be waiting for you

if you still believe in love

2/8/06 06:32 pm - x___knight___x - As I spread my wings, feeling a power flow through my veins, I am alive once again

This way to Survey... (Beware of Virage!)Collapse )

2/6/06 06:51 pm - bunny_dragoon - I like Wings

Read more...Collapse )

2/3/06 01:01 pm - dinogrrl - I wish I had wings to fly...

shineeeCollapse )

2/3/06 02:45 pm - shadow_mime - I wish I had wings to fly to her tonight...T_T

something about wingsCollapse )

1/28/06 12:38 pm - shadow_mime

hey! wanna affiliate??? _dothack_rating here! ^_^ anyways I love this ... I love the game too!!! :P ^_^ yep yep...anyways make a banner and I'll promote like crazy!!! wait...did you advertise in rating comms? anyways here it is...: stamping_comms yep yep ^_^ advertise there and _communitypromo so yep...those are two good places to advertise! ^_^ I'mma add you to our affiliates list and stuff...^_^ k thanx latez ^_~
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