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Upon broken wings I lie motionless

Name: Andrea
Age: 22
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Would you say this sign fits you (why/why not)? Oftentimes yes, because I am prone to be secretive and lashing back aggressively at whomever I felt wronged me to some degree. I may not have that so-called sex drive, but I am passionate about whatever I do. (usually)

Color: Black
Animal: Leopard
Time of day: Late night
Type of clothing: Anything sleek and sophisticated
School subject: English or Art

\Usual stuff/
Likes: Getting whatever I'm doing done right the first time, good food, good company.
Dislikes: Failure, rejection, being ignored
Strengths: My physical strength, supposed high intellect and ability to stay calm in bad situations.
Weaknesses: Lacking people skills (some of the time), being overly rash at times.

Do you work better in a group or on your own? Either or.
What would you say is a basic motto for your life? "There will always be just one more day."
What quality do you feel is the most important in those you surround yourself with? Intellect, kindness, interesting ideas and world views.
How do you act in social situations? Detached and usually uninterested if the subject isn't my immediate interest.


I only have these two from an independant art project uploaded. Sorry.. the digital camera broke down before I could take any more.

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