Lisa (chimera_tears) wrote in dragoon_rate,

If I had wings... I'd fly into a window. O:

Name: Lisa. :D And don't forget it. D:<
Age: 15, bebe. 8)
Astrological sign: i r a bull. :B
Would you say this sign fits you (why/why not)? Hm, for the most part... Yep! :D Stubborn, materialstic, short-tempered. I don't think I'm down to earth at times though~... And I can be a little less than pratical.

Color: I have none! But I guess when I have to choose... White~! :D
Animal: Those elves in the game were pretty cute. I don't have one again... But large cats, like lions and tigers, are friggin' amazing.
Time of day: Nite time is the rite time. 8D
Type of clothing: 80s-esque! I love legwarmers and bright colors~!
School subject: Hm... History! :B

\Usual stuff/
Politics, religions, languages, history; video games, manga, some anime, music, cosplaying, camwhoring, dancing; analyzing things (like lit. works & characters), mind fucks, writing, RPing; love and attention; being perverted and being a big ol' dork. <3
Ignorance, inability to respect others' wishes and opinions, encouraging stupidity, breaking promises, not getting attention, being played a fool, cowards; support groups, bad government officials, the never-ending "which gender is better" debate, other debates that should just die, increasing the gap between sexualities, apologizing when you don't need to.
I am quite the awesomeness of a dork. 8) Alright, alright. Joking! I like to be pretty cheerful about stuff, and I want to lighten up the mood. Don't gotta bring everyone down, because you're all grumpy~.

Once people earn my trust, love, and yatta yatta, they have my dedication and loyalty. I'm here forever, baby! Thick and thin, never going away no matter how hard you try. :D Sometimes I even check up ya if we aren't even friends anymore. But that can be a little creepy, I guess....

Oh! I like to think I'm pretty open-minded and understanding, even a little empathetic. I can dish out some good advice too, and I can be blunt if it's needed. People like that. :3

And people say I'm charismatic, passionate, determined, courageous, and stubborn. Either they stalk me, or they just know me really well. I prefer to think the former. 8D
Well... About the dedication of mine~. It's not unconditional. If I give to you, you better give some back. I like my attention too; I like it a lot. >| So I can get my panties in a bunch over that and make it known I'm a little (read: very) selfish.

And I'm extreme! When I'm happy, it's social butterfly, "HOWDY THERE" to the max. When I'm down, I'm really depressed and mope-y, and I brood and isolate myself. When I get angry it, it's the irrational, unreasonable, blowing things out of proportion, vengeful kind. D;

Oh, and I'm big, lazy bum. :3 I can be whiney, bratty, and tactless too. Sometimes I just don't like to take things seriously either. I get hurt easily too (a bit hypersensitive... D:), and I'm a little short-tempered (more of just easily annoyed). And I can obsess! lyke whoa. Minimal coping skills, anyone~?

Do you work better in a group or on your own? Depends! :3 If the group lets be the leader, is fun but can get the work done, then I'm all for groups. :D But if I get stuck with idiots who don't do squat, I get frustrated and wanna work alone.
What would you say is a basic motto for your life? I'm too cool for a motto. 8)
What quality do you feel is the most important in those you surround yourself with? Trustworthy. I trust people that I love with a lot of things, my heart and my promises. I don't like when they lie to my face, aren't there, or can't keep the simple things up. It breaks my heart and makes the person look like an ass to me.
How do you act in social situations? Depends~! If I'm making a first impression, I stay polite but make small talk and jokes. If I know everyone around me or don't care, I act like a dork, an idiot, and all around immature. Rarely can I be serious; I go to giggle fits and find something to laugh at. I guess, it makes me uncomfortable when people get serious.

PIX: 01, 02, and 03 (Pft, i r a big dork XD). As a note, my hair is shorter now; it's kinda shaggy and a bit shorter than Shana's hair, and it makes me look dead sexy more mature. O:
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