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But I Know These Broken Wings Can Still Learn To Fly  High

Name: Melissa, but I'm normally known as Missi
Age: 14
Astrological sign: Virgo
Would you say this sign fits you (why/why not)? Sorta! I was an hour late of being a Leo, I'm not shy or modest, I'm loud and overly confident. I'm a little organized, but not like super I-am-gonna-die-if-this-is-not-where-it-should-be! I am reliable and I am very intelligent.

Color: Sapphire,
Animal: Tiger
Time of day: Hmm... I love the afternoon but I also love midnight
Type of clothing: Bermuda's during spring, jeans during winter and fall, and really short shorts during summer, with a white tanktop, and regular polos during spring, and sweaters and long sleeve shirts during fall.
School subject: Vocal Performance, and show choir

Likes: Musicals, dancing, singing, and acting. Snowboarding, surfing,  tennis, baseball, swimming, tanning, and boys!
Dislikes: Shy people, unconfidence, birdwatching, crappy low budget movies, noncaffienated soda (sorry that just doesn't make sense to me!) posers, people who just sit and don't chase their dreams, and tractors.
Strengths: I'm very talented in the performing arts, lively, energetic, vivacious, determined, ambitious, leader, strongwilled, sense of humor, explosive personality, and I have alot of inner strength, ooh, and flirting!
Weaknesses: opinionated, arrogant, critical of myself, sometimes insecure, childlike at times, bored very easily, forgetful, never listens, short attention span, messy, wild, often too playful. 
Do you work better in a group or on your own? That's hard, I need friends around me, but I am very critical and can't put my responsibility in someone else's hands.
What would you say is a basic motto for your life? Forget Regret  
What quality do you feel is the most important in those you surround yourself with? definitly uniqueness, I surround myself with all kinds of people who are varied in physical looks and personality traits. None of them are boring, they all have different opinions and ways of living, they are a good bunch to "Grow Up" around. 
How do you act in social situations?  I am definitly the "Sunshine" in alot of people's cloudy days, I'm extremely energetic and always leave 'em laughing. Some can grow wary of my explosive personality but I do care and make sure that the next thing after "Hi there!" is "How is your day going?" 


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