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my wings are bigger than yours :P

Name: Vicki
Age: 20
Astrological sign: Pisces
Would you say this sign fits you (why/why not)? I'd say im a typical pisces in most aspects except I have more of a backbone (didnt come naturally mind) and I hate water/swimming

Color: purple for a color, black to wear
Animal: Kitty!
Time of day: Late afternoon/evening
Type of clothing: anything velvet or pvc + corset type tops and fitted tops/skirts
School subject: art

\Usual stuff/
Likes: anime, manga, videogames, animals, pvc, martial arts, crystals, mythical creatures, anything to do with the paranormal, clothes, hugs, kitties =^o^=, plush toys, het/yuri/yaoi, sex, catgirls, snuggling, cute things ^_^ swords, snow, being with people I care about

Dislikes: bullies, judgmental people, selfishness, being alone, homophobes, getting up early, cooking, large crowds of people, balloons, dentists, babies, loud noises, insects, rushing, noisy people, people who talk down to me, the color pink

Strengths: caring, friendly, helpful, determined, independent, honest (sometimes *too* honest) loyal, open-minded, not afraid to stand up for myself or say how I feel, generous, supportive, tolerant, always there for my friends

Weaknesses: shy, lazy, worrier, emotional, jealous, stubborn, possessive, can be spiteful and/or vengful if someones really hurt me, may act cold to those I dont know very well, when I'm having a bad day I tend to take it out on other people, perfectionist, sometimes think im not good at things or didnt do a good job (not good when combined with the perfectionism part)

Do you work better in a group or on your own? on my own or small group

What would you say is a basic motto for your life? Take everyday as it comes

What quality do you feel is the most important in those you surround yourself with? trust and honesty

How do you act in social situations? if im around people I dont know I can be very nervous and withdrawn but if its with a lot of people I know im usually more talkative


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