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Who needs wings?

Name: Karma
Age: 17
Astrological sign: Capricorn
Would you say this sign fits you (why/why not)? Definitely no. While I may have a dry sense of humor and am slightly ambitious, the basic traits are far too practical and boring for me.

Color: Orange. It’s such a fun, bright color.
Animal: Jaguar, dolphin, dragon
Time of day: Nighttime. I like the day too, but night’s the time I get some time to myself and get to think and relax.
Type of clothing: Star Wars shirts, blazers, and comfortable but well fitting jeans, or dress pants.
School subject: Nothing. Really, I hate school, everything about it. Even if it’s a subject I’m interested in, the fact that I'm supposed to learn it or do things a certain way makes me hate it.

\Usual stuff/
Likes: Acting, Star Wars, Greek tragedies, writing, drawing, animation, video games, being outside, pretending, the rain, forests, ancient civilizations.
Dislikes: Spiders, complaining without doing something about it, gossip, ignorance, being bossed around, being yelled at, obnoxious people, prima-donnas, guilt, indoor crowds, school.
Strengths: I’m creative, and I love to come up with ideas and express them. I’m intelligent, and I learn pretty fast. I’m open-minded, so I don’t really mind anything as long as I’m not jumped at. I’m adventurous, and I love to travel and do daring, sometimes stupid, things. And I’m passionate and determined, I know what I want in life and I’m determined to get there.
Weaknesses: I’m unpredictable and irritable, which don’t go well together, so I may come off as harsh. I’m obsessive, so when something’s wrong with something I care about that I’m working on, I have to start all over. I’m stubborn and argumentative, so I have to make my point on even the most trivial matters. And, I’m distant, so it’s hard for me to get close to anyone and I may appear aloof.

Do you work better in a group or on your own? On my own. I find group work boring, and it usually takes it longer to finish than it does when I’m on my own.
What would you say is a basic motto for your life? "Anything's possible" This applies to both what I want to do and how I view life/the world. My goals are hard to reach, but not impossible. Plus I believe anything can happen, at any moment. A small thing can totally ruin a complex plan, and we haven't seen the entire universe, so how can we claim we know how it works? Our ideas are based on what's around us and what we experience here, and for all we know, there could be something totally unexpected out there, that destroys all of our rules or theories. It's good to come up with ideas, but I prefer not to be 100% certain.
What quality do you feel is the most important in those you surround yourself with? Talkativeness, or else we’ll get no where, but once I start talking, we’ll have a blast. I find quiet people boring.
How do you act in social situations? If I’m in a good mood, I’ll keep to myself, appearing relatively good-natured, and zone out. But if I’m in a bad mood, and I usually am if I’m in a social situation, I’ll sigh, glare, and overall wish I was somewhere else. It’s not appealing, but it’s true.


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