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Wings!!! Flutterby wings are pretty!!

Name: Brittany   
Age: 16
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Would you say this sign fits you? Yes

Color: GREEN!
Animal: Pig and cows!!
Time of day: Sunset
Type of clothing: Cute Skirts and dresses
School subject: Math

\Usual stuff/
Likes: Cheese, Anime, Video games, Cosplay, Reading, Painting, baking, Green, fishing, pillows, plushies, Coffee, Sunchips, strawberries, being read too.
Dislikes: Peas, People who discriminate, Spanish, People who done say 'excuse me' when they burp, Horror Movies.
Strengths: My sensitivity, and my ability to forgive and give second chances. I'm also fun, and easy to get along with... I think...
Weaknesses: My sensitivity, and my ability to forgive and give second chances.

Do you work better in a group or on your own? In a group. I much rather have a group effort, its easier on you, and you can get more ideas.
What would you say is a basic motto for your life? "Time is short, so make the best of it" It's true. Time flies, so don't dwell in the past, because before you know it your future is over. Yeah, we live for 85 years, but just think how fast each year goes by, and how you get older just as fast.
What quality do you feel is the most important in those you surround yourself with? Honesty, and fun people. People who want to have a good laugh.
How do you act in social situations? I tend to just go with the flow, unless there is something that I disagree with.

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